Jumping through hoops

By now I’ve been through the hoops of the medical circuit. The surgeon called me and wanted me to come in so she can get started. Not once has she asked me what I want and how I’m dealing with this. What I think about the whole thing. She just wants to get started. Weird.

I’ve been seeing an alternative practitioner who has amazed me with what he has done. He does integrated manual therapy (IMT).  It’s no hocus pocus. He just listens to my body, looks at it and sets it back to where it needs to be. It’s as if he hits the reset button and it all goes back to normal.

The first time I went in there, I sat down on the chair and he said, “Your stomach is too high. I can see it on your shoulders.” Oh? So I lied down on the table and he said, “You were born naturally, but the embilical cord was wrapped around your neck.” True. Three times. How did he know that? He said he could see it on my stomach and liver. Because the embilical cord is attached to the inside too, and it pulled hard, which caused things to go out of whack on the inside.

So he set it right.

Then he noticed my lungs needed to be put back down, because with the stomach being too high, my lungs were also too high.

Oh, and the arteries needed to be freed too, so the lymph system would flow better.

Then he went over my right hand and said, “Here it is. This is the cause. You fell one time really hard and landed on your wrist.” No, the left hand was just the thumb, but my right hand was hit and caused the whole arm to be blocked. So he loosened the wrist, and my left thumb. Now everything was flowing again, the toxins could get out of my system. Just keep on eating your vegan diet and drink some seaweed powder every day to get those toxins out and we’ll start with that.

I was so tired after that.

I felt him moving things, I felt things being loosened and even felt the flow better. He was right. It was no hocus pocus. Just getting the body back into alignment to work properly again.

Oh and then my physician came by! He actually knocked on the door and came in to see how I was doing. This guy already doesn’t qualify as a healer in my eyes. He always smells of cigarette smoke and looks very unhealthy.

So he asked how I was doing in my head and how my partner is dealing with the whole thing. I said it’s all good. We are very positive about it all. He asked what the protocol is and what they want to do. I told him, but said I don’t want to do the chemo therapy. He said I shouldn’t wait too long with treatment. When he stood up, he coughed a few times, wheezing cough, into his right hand. Complained about his back hurting and then shook my hand (with his right hand).

Yuck. I had to wash my hand afterward. There has got to be a better way. I know my insurance will let me go to another doctor, but there is only one in my small town. So when I’m done with this, I’m going to look for another.

What a difference from night to day with the healers available.

I’m going to have to tell the surgeon she has no client in me. I know it’s part of my healing process. Too long, like forever, I have been too appeasing to others and I have always had a hard time saying no. This process will make me a different person and I will say no more than once before I get through it.

You know the Lord is helping you grow when you get multiple chances to change and that change is for your own good.

People think I am crazy, because I have refused Chemo Therapy. I think people are crazy for going through with it. Why would I poison my body in order to make it better? What part of killing off your good cells will help you fight against the bad? It’s like telling someone to cut off all their hair, because that will make it grow better. Or better yet, bleach it several times, until it falls off, because it will grow back healthier.

Would you do that? If someone told you to cut off your big toe, in order to save your other 4 from getting nail fungus, would you do it?

Would you drink a household cleaner, to clean out your insides, because you had a problem with your organs?

What would it take for you to go that far? Chemo therapy costs €10k per month. And every doctor that signs you up for this gets a €600 / month bonus. Yes, they want to help, but they also want to keep their clients, so they get a bonus every month. If my hospital is seeing 200 new breast cancer patients every year, that is roughly 1 new patient per working day. That’s a great bonus!

I know my insurance will pay for everything. That is not the question. But I can’t get over the part that it kills my body. I am going to live until I’m 90 guys. And chemo isn’t part of the plan.

So, go vegan.

I haven’t been this excited about something this big since my mission and I was talking about the Gospel of Jesus Christ every day! 🙂 I want to shout out to the world to go VEGAN and clean up your health problems.

Beware of all the hoops and make sure you get the right information.