Tests, Tests, and More Poking

So the next two weeks were filled with having more tests.

First I had an MRI. This was loud. I’ve never had one of these before, but the machine really made a lot of noise. The scan was only of my chest.

Then I had a PET-CT scan. First I had a fluid put into my veins that would give a contrast. I had to sit very still. No problem here, I just fell asleep. Then I went into the scanning area and had a full-body scan. This was not so bad. Not loud.

Lastly, I went back to Radiologie for a biopsy. This was a bit painful. They numbed the area and took out 2 samples of my tumor. Oh this was a big needle. I’m not too bad with needles, but this one was long and fat. So I just had to close my eyes. I didn’t feel any pain, but the thought of it going into my body was just unsettling.

After all of this, my breast was swollen and bruised. And truly, if there was not spreading of cancer before, why would this have prevented it? I wonder about the protocol sometimes. Where has logic gone?

I had to wait another week before going back to the surgeon to get the final results. Luckily she called me in the meantime to tell me it had not spread anywhere but the armpit and breast. So that was a win! Yay!



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